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I was introduced to fishing as a toddler by my grandfather, who spent every available minute teaching me about fun, and the fun that is provided from our great sport. I progressed from pleasure fishing to specimen angling, and spent most of my junior and teenage years competing quite successfully in opens.

These days I spend my personal fishing time hunting target fish on large meres, but having a son of my own has brought a new dimension to fishing for me. Weekends are all about having fun with my son, Flynn, and teaching him everything I know. We will have a great time learning and enjoying using Bait Factory's products along the way.

11 Sep 2014

A Break From the Norm

It's always good to get away for the weekend, but to do fishing all weekend is something that is new for Flynn. It's like a military operation with food, drink and taking plenty of things to entertain the wee man.

There is also the amount of bait needed to keep things more interesting. I opted for a dual approach for the weekend. Bream and big roach through the day and carp at the night. It's always good to mix the fishing with children as education of all types of angling really sets the imagination on fire.

We opted for a country park lake with a good selection of fish available. We arrived at the lake and set up camp in an area of the lake with marginal trees and sand bars running along the centre of the lake, this is where the large bream cruise along looking for their next meal. This happen to be Bait Factory's spod mix and hemp for the next two nights. The plan was to fish for Bream and Roach in the day and then to fish the margins under the trees for the carp at night.


So as we arrived at the lakeside late on friday evening our plan was to fish for carp under the over hanging trees for the night. Our bait of choice for this was to be Reef 18mm boilies so as to avoid anything small for the night.

That first night was nice and peaceful until, early the next morning, my right hand rod jumped into action as a lovely mid double mirror carp graced the net. It's always good to get your first fish under your belt as it lifts the mood for the day and now expectations start to rise.

After breakfast and a drink of tea we started to turn our attentions to the sand bar for the day's fishing. We opted for Spombing particles onto the bar for the bream and roach.

The hook baits were going to be hair rigged 10mm Reef boilies and a basic sliding ledger set up. Never make things too complicated. It wasn't long before the bream found the free offering and the action started very quickly. Flynn netted his first bream of 8lb and he was more than happy.

The only problem, to be honest, was keeping the bait going in while looking after my son's needs. The fish were having a field day over the Spod mix and it was only a matter of time for the roach to find the hemp. There is always a chance of a carp to boot, plus anything else that fancied something to eat.

The day passed without a roach or a carp, but stacks of good bream, which kept Flynn busy. Our attentions then switched to the margins again for the carp because after everyone walking around the lake goes home, the carp move in to look for offerings left by the public who had been feeding the ducks.

The Reef popups were set on chod rigs and cast to several spots that looked good for fish. The area was baited up around the hooks baits with 14mm reef boilies. Flynn loved climbing through the trees to get the free offering around the hook baits and looking into the water to see if any fish where swimming by.

We settled down for some tea before bed and enjoyed time together as the sun set.

After a few hours my middle rod rattled off and Flynn looked at me with a weary look that said: "It's yours. Can you net it because I'm tired and I'm not getting out of my sleeping bag unless it's mine." You've got to love kids.

A scrappy common fought like
a fish twice its size and then the rod was recast for the night. It wasn't until morning before the alarms ripped off again and Flynn was in action. After a long battle and much moaning about aching arms, we slid the net under a lovely 18lb common carp. Flynn was thrilled and wanted to hold the carp without gloves for a photo.

We continued to catch carp all morning and 11 Carp passed over the cord of the landing net. Our attentions then turned to the sand bar for the rest of the trip and more bream were caught and a good number of roach over 1lb. The time soon passed and plans were hatched for another long session as Flynn had a great weekend. I think I may have witnessed the  birth of a specimen hunter.


Carl and Flynn