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I was introduced to fishing as a toddler by my grandfather, who spent every available minute teaching me about fun, and the fun that is provided from our great sport. I progressed from pleasure fishing to specimen angling, and spent most of my junior and teenage years competing quite successfully in opens.

These days I spend my personal fishing time hunting target fish on large meres, but having a son of my own has brought a new dimension to fishing for me. Weekends are all about having fun with my son, Flynn, and teaching him everything I know. We will have a great time learning and enjoying using Bait Factory's products along the way.

11 May 2014

Father and Son Angling Time

This is the first time I've blogged for Bait Factory and it's a pleasure to be asked to write and share my fishing with everyone. Like most people, I have to fit fishing in around my work and family life. One thing that is important to me is to keep things simple and try to catch what's available to me. Size isn't so important to me because I don't real have the time available these days with working for myself and having a very young family to look after with my wife.

What I do try to do is have some fun and fortunately I have some great waters relatively local to myself. I'm not really interested in travelling all around the country these days chasing monsters, when the smaller monsters that lurk in my local lakes and meres can be tricky to catch and need a spot of luck along the way. They will do for now.

My fishing week is split in two - fishing for myself and my time spent with my children. Midweek is about hunting in the bigger lakes and for bigger fish away from the crowds, while at the weekend it's all about frying sausages and camping with my four year old son Flynn.

I can't think of any other hobby where you can spend so much time with the children without the use of electric and TV devices to keep them interested. For us it's all about the trip to the supermarket to see which treats are available for the late night snack as the sun sets over the rods and lake. Sausages, crisps, biscuits and many other things just happen to fall into the basket as we take the path for survival in our little green tent.

Then it's the trip to the lake with an exited young man sitting gazing out of the window as I drive us to the lake, you see the magic of going fishing has never left me and even as an old man I think I'm still going to be the little boy going fishing.

Taking Flynn has really brought enjoyment back to my fishing as many people lose sight of the point that it's about being involved in a great hobby and a pastime away from the bills and hassles of a modern life. The kids don't care about anything other than camping and having fun. I think this is why, as a child, days seem longer and a week seems a life time. Children don't seem to be driven about the biggest fish in the lake or who has the best tackle but have you brought my bait and have we got treats?

All this is a far cry from my fishing midweek; you see my passion for my own fishing is away from the crowds and fishing pegs never touched by bivvies. What I love about this is finding something new i.e. springs, gravel patches and many other things related to watercraft which is not passed down from angler to angler.

To the Future,

Carl and Flynn