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I was introduced to fishing as a toddler by my grandfather, who spent every available minute teaching me about fun, and the fun that is provided from our great sport. I progressed from pleasure fishing to specimen angling, and spent most of my junior and teenage years competing quite successfully in opens.

These days I spend my personal fishing time hunting target fish on large meres, but having a son of my own has brought a new dimension to fishing for me. Weekends are all about having fun with my son, Flynn, and teaching him everything I know. We will have a great time learning and enjoying using Bait Factory's products along the way.

2 Jun 2014

Lessons to be Learnt

When you've fished for near on 40 years you tend to think you know pretty much everything there is to know. Experience tells me which bait to use in any given situation, how to use it and where to fish with it. But every now and again life gives your head a wobble and shows you there is always more to be learned. And in my case, more to be learned from my four-year-old son. 

I always try to put young Flynn on the best spots, where I am sure he has the best chance of catching. But small children have minds and opinions of their own. To them, a fishing trip is all about having fun, which is a lesson we all need to be reminded of now and then. 

Take last weekend. Flynn had a look at the water and decided that he was going to fish in 12 inches of water near the bank right next to us. Noise, movement and everything happening right next to our swim. Bemused, I asked him if he was sure he really wanted to fish there? Yes, he said, he was definitely going to fish there. It didn't matter what I said. 

I asked him why he wanted to fish there. "So I can watch the birds don't steal the bait," he answered. Simple and to the point I guess. The margins it is then son. Are you absolutely sure?, He stared at me, losing patience with me by now. "Yes, I'm sure." 

I knew he was wrong of course, but you have to listen to them and what they want to do, because children really don't like having everything done for them.  Learning by your own mistakes is the best way to become a competent angler. He watched me putting some bait out at range, commented how far that was and pointed out that it's much easier to just drop it in and let the fish find you.. I smiled at his childish and simplistic logic as he then proceeded to use the baiting spoon and drop some spod mix right over his bottom bait about two foot from the bank. 

He was quickly done and on to more important matters -  biscuits and a drink please Dad. He sat happily munching on his biscuits and watching me as I spent the next hour prepping my swim for the night before I finally reached a point where I was happy and  ready to really enjoy my fishing. 

It only took about twenty minutes for the first signs of feeding fish over my baited spot and I was starting to feel good about my decision to fish at about seventy yards out over a bed of Glugged Reef boilies. Things where looking good as the area was constantly flat calm, allowing me to see the bubbles off the feeding fish. 

"Not long now," I thought, as the day turned into night and the fish started to feed, which resulted in some nice bream all night. I really don't mind bream if I'm honest.  I guess that comes from my match fishing days. The carp, however, just didn't seem to want to feed, which was a touch annoying. But at about 9am Flynn's rod in the margin ripped off… You've guessed it. Carp. 

And I will tell you now he let me know good and proper that he had a carp on and I could stick to the bream Daddy. Kids! Flynn is only little but he loves the scrap of a larger fish and it's a bit like watching a grown man battle a great white. The rod was wedged in his middle and he let the clutch do the work and slowly brought a lovely upper double to the net.

Lesson learned - no matter how experienced you are, never think you know it all. Flynn 1 Daddy 0. 


Carl and Flynn