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I was introduced to fishing as a toddler by my grandfather, who spent every available minute teaching me about fun, and the fun that is provided from our great sport. I progressed from pleasure fishing to specimen angling, and spent most of my junior and teenage years competing quite successfully in opens.

These days I spend my personal fishing time hunting target fish on large meres, but having a son of my own has brought a new dimension to fishing for me. Weekends are all about having fun with my son, Flynn, and teaching him everything I know. We will have a great time learning and enjoying using Bait Factory's products along the way.

11 Sep 2014

Operation Catfish – The Re-match

One thing my son is learning about fishing is to be committed and never give up. You see he was determined to catch a Catfish, so a return to the water was always going to happen. It took a little longer than we would have liked but with family events and with general life, we had to wait until the time was right.

When the opportunity came to do 48hrs fishing we grabbed it with both hands and raced down to our chosen lake with a good stock of Catfish to go at.  Flynn made sure we had enough bait and food for both us and the fish. He is growing in confidence and now prefers to have his own bivvy next to his Dad (when his big sister is with him) and have his rod set up in his own swim. Fishing is a great development sport for children and great memories are the reward for spending fun times with the kids.

Flynn opted for the Apex bait for the carp and Arctic boilies for the Catfish over some matching Spodmix. There was a channel which ran down the centre of the lake which was thick with silt and that was where we were going to bait up for the night. We opted for a rig that I don't really use that often but the chod rig was perfect to pop the popup just above the liquid mud on the bottom of the lake. Everything was spombed out and the wait began after an omelet for tea.

The alarms were placed on loud because Flynn can sleep for England. Usually we bring Flynn's rods in at night but Catfish feed more in the warm, dark hours of the night so that was that. We both fell asleep and every now and then our alarms gave a little bleep indicating fish moving through the swim looking for food.

Just before dawn Flynn's rod burst into action and the reel span like a washing machine on the spin cycle. He was away. We jumped out of the sleeping bags and Flynn did battle with his first Catfish. It took him right across the lake, well I mean his line because Flynn doesn't know how to waterski just yet.

He slowly but surely battled it back into the waiting net. One very happy boy looked into the cradle at one lovely long Catfish (result). I was not sure if Flynn would hold a Catfish if I'm honest, but after the first photos he soon stepped forward for his first ever photo of a Catfish on his own.

The fish was placed back
safely and he then changed his tactics to go after carp from the margins.

Handfuls of Apex and pellets where throw over his hook baits and the alarms where set again. It wasn't very long until his rod was away again and a mid-double common carp was being held up for a photo, minus the gloves to stop his hands getting dirty. He is becoming a proper little boy now and more carp followed. The next time out we will be collecting apples from the apple trees surrounding the swim for apple pie.

Until then, take care,

Carl and Flynn