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I was introduced to fishing as a toddler by my grandfather, who spent every available minute teaching me about fun, and the fun that is provided from our great sport. I progressed from pleasure fishing to specimen angling, and spent most of my junior and teenage years competing quite successfully in opens.

These days I spend my personal fishing time hunting target fish on large meres, but having a son of my own has brought a new dimension to fishing for me. Weekends are all about having fun with my son, Flynn, and teaching him everything I know. We will have a great time learning and enjoying using Bait Factory's products along the way.

28 Jun 2014

The Winning Formula

This season started very slowly for me because I was unsure about what my approach should be on a new water. I was trying new baits and, to be honest, I was not feeling confident. I don't think that Winter is a good time to be trying something new with baits. The carp were being elusive and the only thing that kept me going was that the bream seemed to be loving it.

Given the distinct lack of carp action, I was starting to pray for spring to get some more positive results. It was around this time that Bait Factory asked me to become a team member and try out their range of products. From pellets to particles, I had more than enough options to work with to try to get some better results.

I had noticed most anglers were fishing the boilie approach, but to me the thought of using ground bait to match my hook baits was a big factor in deciding my approach. I've always found that bait which complements each other is always a winning formula. I opted for Infuse and Reef for my fishing with the new tiger nut hook baits as a plan B.

The line was now drawn in the sand and I was going to try the new approach in June on my favourite mere. (I will call this mere Shadow Mere for future reference as it has a publicity ban and always has had.)

I was sent the boilies, pellet, spod mix and the matching pellets at first and then all the hook baits available from pop-ups to wafters, both of which do exactly what it says on the tin.

The first outing was going to be interesting as the lake had woken up from its winter lock down and my first session was going to be all about taking note. Observation is key and I noticed that the birds were feeding over everyone's hook baits with ease. After they had cleaned them out they then moved towards the bank looking for food that never made it to the angler's intended spot. With this in mind and considering that I've always found fishing close to the margins to be more productive, my plan was now starting to take shape.

Of course there are as many ways to fish as there are anglers and this is only my way. I don't claim it to be any better or worse than anyone else's method. The plan was to avoid a large bed of boilies, so I mixed the ground bait (stick mix) with the pellet, filled the spomb and cast it to about 30 yards out.

The birds soon decided to look what was on offer but didn't hang around when they saw that no boilies were present. Now was the time to cast the rods out and wait for the target fish to pick up the reef boilies and my wafters.

You will have to see how I got on in my next blog so until then, tight lines