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Angling has been a part of my life for nearly 20 years now, learning my ways and roots alongside George when fishing on the River Trent. I have to thank my father for being able to take both of us fishing on a weekly basis, especially when we used to come home stinking of fish (Thanks dad, it's because of you my passion became an obsession). My main interests are in match and pleasure fishing. It was noticed that i had a talent for the sport with winning many matches and catching big weights of roach on the rivers from an early age. Looking into the future, ever since George got back in contact, it has given me the opportunity to re-focus my efforts on the match scene (where i belong). Since my alliance with Chapel baits and getting back in to the swing of things, I have currently smashed 4 lake records and can't wait to break some more.... Long may this continue!!

31 Aug 2013

Method Feeder Bagging




        Club Water, Burton-upon-Trent.

Weather Conditions:

        Cloudy, warm, occasional sun with a breeze


        Method Feeder

Bait Used:

Bait Factory ‘Reef' Coconut Cream Groundbait mixed ‘Reef' Glug to enhanced flavour and smell. ‘Reef' 6mm Soft hooker pellets and mini Boilies.

Some free offerings of sweetcorn and carp feeder pellets mixed into the groundbait.

Tackle setup:

Feeder rod – setup using a Browning Hybrid BF630 reel loaded with 6.9lb main line, a 30g preston inline method feeder with a Korum quick change bead. 4.6lb hooklegnth, size 16 Kamasan x-strong Animal barbless hook with a quick stop.

The session in words:

Well what a strange session it was. I had decided to use the ‘Reef' range of bait for today, fished with a method feeder up tight against lily pads with carp being my target fish.

The groundbait (2pints) was mixed with 50ml of ‘Reef' Glug, water was then added and the groundbait was mixed until it started to bond together. Once mixed and left to stand, it was riddled 3 times before a little more water was added as the mixed had dried up a little after absorbing the first lot of water. Some Bait Factory Micro Pellets and sweetcorn was added to keep the fish interested and feeding.

I started off by casting a loaded method feeder with a hair rigged 6mm ‘Reef' soft hooker pellet just short of the lily pads. My first run (which I missed) came within 5 minutes of casting, just as I was about to reel in a re-cast. The next few hours was action packed with regular bites, these came in the form of small indications to screaming runs. Fish were landed, lost and not to forget missed. For the next three hours I had to really work for my bites, Bream had moved in and pushed the carp out the swim. I knew the fish were there as I was getting slight indications on the rod tip, but the fish just stopped feeding on the hook bait. With regular casting and keeping the ‘Reef' bait going into the swim I was able to temp to occasional bite, but nothing like what I had been having for the first 2 hours. Switching between soft hooker pellets and mini boilies tempting the occasional bream and carp, good sport but a little slow.

The session ended with just over 40lb of fish, a mixture of carp, bream and a few greedy roach who couldn't resist the ‘reef' soft hooker pellets.  

Although I was out to catch a net of carp using the ‘Reef' range of bait, I had expected the odd bream during the session. But I didn't for one minute think that bream moving into the swim would stop the carp from feeding as regularly as what they were at the start of the session.


‘Reef' is good for both carp and bream, its light colour and sweet flavour is a winning combination.