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Angling has been a part of my life for nearly 20 years now, learning my ways and roots alongside George when fishing on the River Trent. I have to thank my father for being able to take both of us fishing on a weekly basis, especially when we used to come home stinking of fish (Thanks dad, it's because of you my passion became an obsession). My main interests are in match and pleasure fishing. It was noticed that i had a talent for the sport with winning many matches and catching big weights of roach on the rivers from an early age. Looking into the future, ever since George got back in contact, it has given me the opportunity to re-focus my efforts on the match scene (where i belong). Since my alliance with Chapel baits and getting back in to the swing of things, I have currently smashed 4 lake records and can't wait to break some more.... Long may this continue!!

26 Jul 2014

Method Feeder Stick Mix

Session Report




        Club Water.

Weather Conditions:

        Overcast with occasional showers


        Method Feeder

Bait Used:

New Krill and Crab StickmixKrill and Crab Glug, Krill and Crab Soft hookers.

The session in words:

        I recently got my hands on some new Stickmix to try; this bait is predominantly for carp anglers but I thought I would give it a go with a method feeder. I used the bait in the hope that it would attract a few carp and bream with its particle content. I prepared half a bag (1kg) by mixing the dry mix straight from the bag with water which I had already added the glug to, this was mixed pretty wet and left for 20 mins whilst I setup my tackle.

 This gave the mix time to absorb the water and glug mix I had opted not to add any free offerings to the mix as I felt that it had already plenty in and I didn't want to risk over feeding the fish.

Once ready the mix was noticeably sticky to touch, this really helped it form round and stick to the method.





There was no need to pass it through a riddle, if I had of done it would of removed the free offerings (if you do find you have mixed it pretty lumpy, you can pass it through a riddle to remove the lumps (break up the lumps through the riddle) and just add back to the mix all particles you find left in the riddle).

I used a standard method feeder setup, and hair rigged a soft hooker using a quick stop. The lake wasn't fishing particularly well due to work that had been carried out in recent weeks, but using the bait I managed tempt a few fish.

I will definitely be trying the bait again when I next venture out on for a session. I believe this mix will be good on large waters that hold a lot of carp, tench and bream.