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Angling has been a part of my life for nearly 20 years now, learning my ways and roots alongside George when fishing on the River Trent. I have to thank my father for being able to take both of us fishing on a weekly basis, especially when we used to come home stinking of fish (Thanks dad, it's because of you my passion became an obsession). My main interests are in match and pleasure fishing. It was noticed that i had a talent for the sport with winning many matches and catching big weights of roach on the rivers from an early age. Looking into the future, ever since George got back in contact, it has given me the opportunity to re-focus my efforts on the match scene (where i belong). Since my alliance with Chapel baits and getting back in to the swing of things, I have currently smashed 4 lake records and can't wait to break some more.... Long may this continue!!

26 Jul 2014

Using Your Initiative

Session Report 


        June 2014


        Club Match.

Weather Conditions:

        Sunny with occasional rain


        Method Feeder, Pellet Waggler and Pole

Bait Used:

Corn, Luncheon Meat, and Bio Bloodworm and Krill and Crab Glug.

The session in words:

        Recently I fished a match where they didn't allow the use of Pellets (soft hookers or feed), paste, or match Boillies. This got me thinking as to what I could use to give me that edge over the other anglers. I prepared some Luncheon meat by cutting it into slices which were 1cm thick. I then used a 10mm round punch to cut into hook able sizes. The meat was then placed in a pot where I completely covered it in a mixture of bio bloodworm glug and krill & crab Glug.

I chose the bio bloodworm glug to help colour the meat red, the krill and crab glug was used and the scent over powers that of the bio bloodworm. This was then left overnight ready for the match.

This process cured the meat, which kind of makes it like a pellet.

I was able to hair rig the meat and cast it some distance on the pellet waggler without worrying about it coming off. I was also able to use the meat on a short rig on the pole and ‘slap' it as if it was a pellet.

The glug which has soaked into the meat slowly seeps out of the meat giving off a high attractant.

The bait did give me an advantage, but unfortunately it just wasn't my day. Using the prepared bait I managed to loose as many as I landed. Many Lessons were learnt that day.


Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a picture of the catch at weigh in but here are a few of the hookbait that I was able to take during the match. Bait Factory Glug has other uses than just enhancing the flavours of your bait.