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I have been fishing for 21 years learning my trade on the River Trent trotting stick floats through or sitting behind my feeder rod waiting for the tip to rip round and to be into one of the big Chub or Roach the river is famed for. Over time like most anglers I decided to alter my focus and started targeting specimen waters looking for the ever elusive big carp or catfish, this is where I am today. I have an impressive list of pb's but like any angler I am always seeking that next record breaking fish.

31 Aug 2013

Simplicity at its best!

It's been a long time since I've sat down to write a blog. Time is very precious for me, and with the way Chapel and Bait Factory have progressed and the fact I have three small children, I often struggle to get a few hours in let alone a night session.

I was very lucky to have been given permission from a local fishery owner to night fish his lake when he normally only has day tickets on it, so thanks very much Alan! I must say what a fishery too! It reminded me of my time at Cudmore Fishery, which I am so grateful for.

Onto the fishing now that I've whined on. I was approaching the lake in a very simple method, hair rigged bottom baits (these were the bait factory Krill and something I'd knocked up for the team down at Anglers paradise) and light leads. The light leads are a preference for me whenever I am fishing a water with a smallish average stamp of carp. This was all on a safety clip system as I have seen some awful injuries to fish when they've become tethered, and unfortunately I've even seen fish which have died due to the awful rigs some people put into the water. Admittedly, from what I can gather this is starting to become less of a problem with the educational videos and blogs all the big tackle manufacturers are putting out there.

The lake was simply stunning, and I must admit I felt very privileged to be on it with my son and our latest young gun, James (I will let James blog about his own experience, but I must say the boy did brilliant, and I am sure his blog will be a decent read too). I have been helping James for a small while, and I must admit he's going be one to watch out for. The session started with a mad dash straight from work to home, and then onto the fishery. Before I'd even got all my gear out and in order, the buzz bars were in and the rods baited and cast out to the pinnacle of an island, and the other eight foot from an aerator. Bradley decided he'd fish the margins due to him just getting back into his fishing, and subsequently his casting is a tad rusty.

Within ten minutes of the rods being out I had my first run, which resulted in a lovely mirror of around 7lb. I was well chuffed as I'd had a fish before I'd cracked open my first of my 4 lagers. I was a little worried as a rule of thumb for me is if I catch first cast I have nothing for the rest of my session. I needn't have worried as within five minutes my other rod roared off. It was music to my ears, the first one toner I have had this year. This is the life I thought to myself. I'd got my best bud with me, and we were catching. The second fish was an immaculate common of 6lb. Not big, but I was just glad to have a bend in the rod.

This action continued until 10:30pm, where we had an almighty lightning storm and so I got the rods reeled in for the night. It was fantastic watching mother nature throwing all she could at us, all from the comfort of the bivvy however. It made me realise how small in this world we really are. These profound thoughts often cross my mind when fishing, but anyway, I digress.

The morning was the complete opposite to the evening, where we had brilliant sunshine and very still conditions. I didn't know if the fishing would be of the stamp of the night before, so I cast in and Bradley cast his rod in. Brad started up the bacon on the stove, and all of a sudden his rod nearly lurched of the buzz bar. He ran over, wound down, and hit into it. I must say this was one of my proudest angling moments. It was his first proper fish. He baited the hook, cast his rod, hit the rod and ultimately landed a stunning common carp of 11.5lb, just 3lb short of his PB. His face was golden – a moment I will never forget, particularly that smile.

All whilst this was going on, James had ironed out a few problems and was catching regularly. Life was very good at the moment in time.

We started to get amongst the barbel and I must have had five in quick succession between 4-7lb. They made a nice change, but I was very careful when returning these to the water as I wanted them to swim off in tip-top condition.

We were catching constantly until the dreaded pack up time came, and just as we were

winding in, Brads rod screamed off and he was soon into a very spirited mirror of

around 8lb. To me this was the perfect way to end the session.