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I first started fishing about twenty or so years ago, firstly on the River Trent being taught by my old man. After learning the basics, and catching plenty of roach and other species, I started fishing an old estate lake catching carp and tench. It was then that I found what I really enjoy - carp anging. Nowadays it is all I do, whether it's sitting behind the buzzers, or just walking around with one rod stalking them out of the edge.

21 Jun 2014

Stalking Pays Off

Hi guys,

I recently managed to finally get out for a few hours after a long spell of no fishing. It was hot, and so I decided to do a bit of stalking. I arrived at the lake about dinner time and went for a walk round baiting a few spots as I went along, however I didn't see much on the first lap, but went on to the van to set the gear up.

I fished a coconut cream pop up cut down with a bit of pink on top on a kd rig with a drop off lead set up. It wasnt long before I started to see fish feeding on the spot at the far end of the lake under an old tree, so I decided to fish just off the baited spot and within seconds the rod bent round and I was into what felt like a half decent size fish. It was a bit mad as I had forgotten to set the net up prior to casting out (doh!). The fight lasted about five minutes, and as my reward in the net laid a lovely common of just under 20lb. It was getting abit warm now so did one more lap but couldnt see anything so returned to the van.

Hopefully be out again soon! Enjoy your fishing until next time, tight lines.