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Bait Factory and Chapel Baits
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Anywhere that entails a challenge!

My Bio

Fishing, whatever the species I'm targeting, lays a passion within. The thrill of hooking a fish, playing it – and hopefully landing it is so natural to me, and goes back throughout my family to my Grandad who taught me just about everything I know!

My true "ecstasy", if you like, is carp fishing though! There are too many reasons to list in this bio as for why I have such a devoted love for this particular area of fishing, so I think it's fair to say that I'm addicted!

Over my 5 years of dedicated fishing, I've managed 36lb 8oz mirror and 31lb 10oz common as PB's that I'm very lucky to have caught, along with some other stunning fish. I hope to catch even more exquisite fish on Bait Factory products to share with you all!

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