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Further improving our boilies and new range, we have designed and produced six varied and exclusive flavours, which we are sure will not disappoint. At The Bait Factory we are proud to use only the best quality ingredients, produced by an extensive list of suppliers, to produce a boilie that is not only nutritionally complete, but also sure to up your catch rate.

Through extensive testing and trialling of our base mixes, we believe we have been able to produce a boilie base that will not only increase your catch rate, but also ensure the nutritional requirements of carp, and other cyprinid fish, is well met.

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Flavours Available:


Great tips to try with Bait Factory's Boilie range

While paste by itself can be a fantastic barbel and carp bait, try wrapping Bait Factory Paste around boilies to give it extra attraction. This leeching of flavour acts almost like a pva bag in that it draws fish, sending signals to all species.
A target bait like this is a good edge – it can even help mask your hook – but don't always presume you have to match boilie flavour with the exact flavour paste.
Whilst Bait Factory has the perfect flavour match in every item in our range, you can blend flavours to create new ‘labels' unique to you. We've caught a lot of big fish on Arctic Krill and Crab boilies skimmed with Reef Coconut Cream paste… what will your favourite be?

Boilies make a great hookbait, but they're also an excellent attractor, too. But to make the most of them, why not crumble them up and then place in a PVA stocking or bag. This, combined with a hookbait of the same boilie, is a great combination. Try an Apex Fennel and Hemp stick with an Apex bottom bait or even a snowman. Or mix and match with flavours to prevent fish becoming nervous around certain flavour labels.

Boilies tend to be round, but these can become familiar to carp. Why not try fishing half a boilie instead? Not only will this look different, you will have broken the skin and allowed added scent to escape into the water, too. You can even try multiple broken boilies on a hair fished in conjunction with a PVA bag of broken baits.

Try a snowman rig. This is essentially two boilies – one a bottom bait, one a pop-up – put on the same hair-rig. You'll find that the buoyancy of the pop-up is off-set against the weight of the bottom bait, creating a critically-balanced set-up. Use them with same flavour baits or try tipping with our hi-attract Bait Factory Zest pop ups.

Mix and match your Bait Factory boilies using multiple colours and flavours so carp graze over baited areas and don't get nervous of any particular bait. Try Storm Tropical Fruit, Infuse Bio Bloodworm and Aztec Chilli-Chocolate Orange as a boilie base and spod our mixed particles over the top.

There are times when one single bait, with no feed around it, can catch you more fish. We've had great results on our Zest pop ups as well as single bottom baits. You can also leave your baits in a tub of lake water prior to fishing so they appear washed out. On very hard-fished lakes, carp can wait until boilies lose lots of flavour and colour before eating them, meaning they are old and safe.


Always remove a few baits from every bag and store them in a sealed container that's been doused in one of our powerful Bait Factory Glugs, available in all our signature flavours. This lets the boilie really absorb high concentrations of flavour letting off an intense signal. This trick can often be used to provide a target bait over boilies.



Bait Factory Boilies reviewed by Richard Lee

The new range of boilies from Bait Factory has been in trials for a couple of seasons as the team played with recipes, base mixes and flavour levels - the results are a mix of classics and totally new baits that look set to make a big impact this season.

Some of the ‘fusion' of flavours may at first appear unpredictable, but then you have to remember that the vision behind the project is about delivering both innovation and solid carp angling science.

It's not quite as crazy as Heston Blumenthal's bacon and egg ice cream or snail porridge, but there are a few unexpected twists that have caught a lot of fish as the ‘signature' flavour is highly attractive to fish but it hasn't been over-played on waters… making carp and other cyprinids nervous.
That's why, as the seasons change, or waters become pressured, the BF portfolio offers a solution and a new idea for everyone.

The entire range of baits is ‘flavour coded' meaning you can get matching pastes, pellets, glugs, particles, pop-ups, groundbait… this is a big extended family ensuring whatever the attack – heavy spod to pva stick – there's an answer.

So let's take a look at the range. The boilies come in six flavours:

Infuse Bio Bloodworm: A deep red colour, looks an ideal year-round bait
Arctic Krill and Crab: Based on classic crab with a modern krill twist. A beauty!
Apex Fennel and Hemp: One to watch. Already scoring heavily – totally unique
Reef Coconut Cream: Coconut is THE vogue flavour – our ‘cream' blend has done well in all trials.
Aztec Chilli-Chocolate Orange: A unique flavour to Bait Factory – highly distinctive. Orange is a highly emerging citrus flavour.
Storm Tropical Fruit: A blend of fruits that delivers a tutti-frutti twist.

It's difficult to choose an instant ‘go to' bait out of the range but with a trip to France planned I want a choice of two boilies. And for that I've elected Arctic as I've always been a massive fan of shellfish baits and this is a really nice set of flavours on a quality fishmeal base mix. It's hard enough to use with a throwing stick but its not inpenetrable. (I believe carp like softer mixes). In addition to the Krill and Crab, I'm going with Apex on the grounds that no-one else will be using it, and early trials have been excellent. I want to pioneer before others get onto it. Fennel and Hemp is a trigger flavour seasoned carpers have kept quiet about and it caught a brace of doubles first time out this season for BF tester Dan Sales during a session on the Grand Union Canal.

All the boilies come in a wide range of sizes and pot/bag choices.

Boilies in 8 and 10mm come in 75g pots, 14 and 18mm sizes are available in 400g tubs, or 750g resealable pouches. One thing you will notice about the entire range is the ‘finish' – there isn't a bait range to match the packaging design.

Prices range from £4.99 to £9.99 – well worth checking out!