Bait Factory Soft Hookers

Soft Hookers

Our new soft hookers have been designed to further complement our match range of method mixes, glugs, and pastes. On today's commercial fisheries these hookers have proved to be devastating, packed with colouring and flavouring  to produce highly attractive, and high leakage hooker pellets, that are irresistible to even the most wary of fish.

The soft consistency completes the high leakage properties of the bait, however they are well produced ensuring they can withstand multiple casts and strikes. Available in 6mm, and our new range of six high attract flavours.



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Flavours Available:


Bait Factory Hookbaits review by Richard Lee

The 2013 new launch by Bait Factory has a recipe, flavour and design for every style of coarse angler whether you're a matchman, pleasure angler, specimen hunter or carp fanatic.

The specialised hookbaits selection is available right across the entire BF signature flavour range: Arctic Krill and Crab; Apex Fennel and Hemp; Reef Coconut Cream;
Aztec Chilli-Chocolate Orange; Storm Tropical Fruit.

There's also the addition of Zest – a zingy citrus blend that's been working well even in the depths of the Winter we've just endured.

The overall Bait Factory range is so vast I've split the following into my ‘hookbaits'.

1 Soft Hookers: Been tested on numerous Midlands commercial waters, the soft pellets have a great consistency and can be used on the straight lead or waggler, as well as the pole. They come in the complete range and I really like the look of the Reef Coconut Cream and Aztec Chilli Cococlate. You can glug them with matching liquid but when you open up the pot the flavour is already intense – any more and it could be too much on some pools. They are 6mm size and have an RRP of £3.99.

2 Marbles: Rolled on a 50/50 base mix (pop up and fishmeal), the baits are neutral buoyancy and will allow your boilie to be critically balanced with the weight of your hook. They are boosted by flavour and deliver hi-attract performance. Or that's the theory. Definitely worth trying when carp have wised up. The colour is also interesting as the base mix blend gives two colours like a beachball.

3 Pop-ups: This is a clever idea that is aimed at giving the angler more options. Instead of investing in a tub of pop-ups with one size and colour that'll probably last you a life time, each of the six flavours have six bait styles in one tub. For example, buy the Storm Tropical Fruit pop-ups and you get a tub 9 and 12mm dumbells, 12 and 14mm boilies, and then a range of colours including white, green and red as well as the Storm Natural. If you're using a zig rig, chod, or normal pop-up rig, it means for your £5.99 investment you effectively get six bait choices.

4 Zest Fluoro Citrus Pop Ups: These super tangy citrus pop-ups caught well this Winter when they were zigged in the upper layers. There are two styles – Pop Ups and Micro Pop Ups – and again Bait Factory have used the theme of multiple shapes and colours to make your money go further. Just open the tubs and it takes you back to long journey in the car with a packet of Opal Fruits. The bright colouring together with the punchy citrus smell make these very hi-attract. Size-wise, the pop-ups are available in 9 and 12mm dumbbells, and 12 and 14mm round baits, whilst the Micros come in 6 and 8mm variations. Expect to pay around £5.99 a tub.

Conclusion: Some really nice ideas. The Soft Hookers have great consistency and a good range of flavours - a big hit! The Pop Ups are also excellent – a huge choice in one tub making them value for money.